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The BC Belle Prospect is located west 5 km of Highway 33 on the Chenier Creek Forest Service Road and is in the Okanagan highlands that shows the characteristics of an andesite porphyry outcrop that has the appearance of a disseminated silver/copper showing. The rock characteristics show scattered grains or specks of silvery/copper minerals throughout the mass of the rock; commodities also shown in the most recent assays were gold, tellurium, lead, zinc which was also peppered throughout the rock. The BC Belle occurrence is located 800 m north of Colby 1, Past Producer (Assessment Report #12066) and it seems to also have fairly similar geological occurrences as the Enterprise, Past Producer (L1088S). 


Three Amigos 2017 Field Work Program (Prospect)

3 Amigos mineral claim is due west of the BC Belle Prospect and is located in an area is worthy of continued geological, geophysical and geochemical work. These projects encompass a number of historical copper gold, silver, lead and zinc mineral deposits in the region.


Reconnaissance of the mineral properties, near surface exploration.

  1. Soil samples, geochemical surface rock sampling, extensive mapping
  2. Satellite and ground penetrating remote-sensing
  3. Develop equity financing with venture-capital companies, private and corporate lenders