Valley Gap Minerals Limited has been doing exploration work on the Boomerang Creek and Plateaux for the last 5 years, this region is dotted with small past producers and it is with continued perseverance and determination, that us prospectors are almost forced to form an idea of its origin in order to follow up the sporadic ore bodies in the area. Located in the South Central portion of British Columbia the Boundary country mining industry became into existence in 1859 with the discovery of placer gold on Rock Creek 25 km south of the present day VGM mineral prospects, in 1884 a miner discovered an outcrop of gold on the mountain slope about 15 km from the mouth of the creek approximately 25 km southwest of the BC Belle/ 3 Amigos mineral claims, Camp McKinney gold camp was formed and produced 82,000 ounces of gold from 1894 to 1962. The Deadwood/Mother Lode deposit located 35 km southeast of the VGM prospects produced from 1900 to 1962, 173,000 ounces of gold and 77,000,000 pounds of copper. It is self-evident that the valuation of the mineral properties in the southern interior is worth further examination of mining operations and abandoned mines in this geographic area of the province. 

The Boomerang Plateaux geology and its mineral occurrences around Hay Lake, Kidney Lake and the Boomerang Creek occupy the west slope above the West Kettle River on the south Beaverdell Mountain range. The surface composite of the area is made up of rock cliffs, grassy slopes, Scotch pine and cottonwood forest with talus slopes. Rocky outcrops make up approximately 15% of the area, though most of the outcrops are of gneiss and basalt in composition there is sporadic alteration types of minerals in some areas that are related with ferromagnesian multi colored rock specie, granodiorite, Porphyritic diorites and monzonites. Previous exploration work performed in the district were done on original claims Ohio, Monte Christo, and the L fraction, (Assessment Report # 21092, #22282) that identified anomalous mineral concentrations worthy of additional work in the area, most of the work performed was done during the early nineteen eighties. Valley Gap Minerals exploration team through its reconnaissance has located key areas worth further geological investigation.