Mineral Recluse M.C. Thompson Plateau (Prospect)

The Thompson plateau is located in the mid-southern interior of British Columbia in the vicinity of Kamloops and is bound by the Okanagan to the east and Shuswap highlands to the north and the Trans-Canada Highway 1 to the West. The mineral claims are located near Weyman Creek and Harris Creek and have a great diversity of rock; stock of granitic rock intruded by sedimentary and volcanic formations of the Palaeozoic age. This upland region represents flat topped or gentle dipping Eocene lavas that cover up areas of older rock and it extends into that many kilometres of a gradual step liked slope on a large unbroken plateau. The erosion of surface was at one time occupied by Pleistocene ice and a thick mantle of glacial drift now covers much of the bedrock, consequently through a gradual melt and wasting away of the ice it created some temporary glacial lakes and silt laden streams. 

Valley Gap Minerals strongly believes that through this glacial scouring of the Thompson plateau there is still a possibility of exposed bedrock in the range of less than 5% along the creek sides, glacial lakes, major valleys ways and depressions. With this proposed exploration project VGM is in search for the less obvious deposits of which vast number must be hidden by the ubiquitous overburden, the possibility of finding an untouched mineral deposit on the Thompson plateau may still be remote but it surely not out of the question.


Conduct an exploration program of reconnaissance which includes some rock and soil chip sampling on this virtually unexplored interior plateau region.

  1. Valley Gap Minerals has 7 exploration projects and is focusing on potentially economic deposits of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum and Rare Earth Elements (REE).
  2. The Company intends to conduct exploration programs on unknown grassroots mineralized targets within its portfolio.
  3. VGM is in the process of analyzing historical data and favorable geology and believes the mineralization potential of our properties is quite favorable for a mineral discovery.

Wealth preservation through valuation of mineral properties.